Indianapolis Real Estate Market Information

The residential real estate market in Indianapolis has an abundance of valuable investment opportunities.

Indianapolis at a Glance

Posted by Ben Harold
Ben Harold
Ben Harold is a consultant, business owner and real estate investor who races an old Chevy on the weekends.
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on Saturday, 24 March 2012
in Indianapolis Real Estate Market Information

Naptown, USA

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis has long had a reputation of being a sleepy little midwestern town in the middle of a three-state wide cornfield. There is some truth to that assumption. Indianapolis is land-locked, relatively flat, easy to get around and, well, in the middle of a three-state wide cornfield. Let's take a look at how these factors, along with strong economically-minded political leadership, have consistently positioned this "sleepy little midwestern town" as one of the strongest economic markets in the country.

Local Geography

Indianapolis is the largest city in the United States that is not located adjacent to a major body of water. Because central Indiana is relatively flat, there are very few areas within the city limits which are geographically prohibitive to development. This has contributed to relative stability in the Indianapolis Real Estate market in comparison to other locations across the nation. For example, while the valuation of the California Real Estate market has experienced wild fluctuations over the past decade, Indianapolis has seen relatively stable performance.

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Residential Real Estate in Indianapolis - A Street by Street Market

Posted by Ryan Mullin
Ryan Mullin
Ryan Mullin is co-owner of Place to Live Rentals. He is an expert in Indianapolis rental values and is instrum...
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on Thursday, 22 March 2012
in Indianapolis Real Estate Market Information

When investing in Indy, unlike California and many other states, you have to understand that Indianapolis is a street by street market. As our company has been doing this for years, we have discovered this first hand and now know where people look to rent and what they look for in a rental home/area. You can literally walk one block from a desirable rental area and be in the middle of the ghetto. You can walk another block or two and be in a decidedly upper-crust neighborhood.

We have also found through experience that a lot of property management companies, including our affiliate Alpine Property Management, will not manage properties either out of their target geographical area or homes that they did not rehab due to the maintenance issues that may arise.

Thus the benefit of our collaborations of companies; we can help you purchase an already rehabbed property either with or without a present renter, we can help you purchase a pre rehab foreclosure, and Alpine can supply the experienced contractors to rehab. Place to Live then does the marketing, showings and prescreens your tenants. The fee for placing a tenant is the first months rent. Then Alpine does the final screening and places a tenant, which you can do the final approval if desired.  Alpine charges 10% of rent collected as the management fees which includes:

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