What is a Wholesale House?

A Wholesale House needs Major Repairs

A "wholesale" house is a rental property that is vacant and requires rehab work before it will be tenable. A typical "wholesale" house might require upwards of $25,000 of rehab work before it can be rented out. Typical repairs might include a new furnace, hot water heater, carpet, paint, bathrooms and kitchens, and a major repair such as a roof, new windows or all new siding.

Why Buy Wholesale?

One unmistakeable trend that we've seen over and over again in the Real Estate market is that banks and investors who own distressed properties generally put a very low value on those properties psychologically. They also tend to overestimate the amount of work that the house needs in order to be tenable again. For example, a bank that owns a flood damaged property might estimate that the necessary repairs at $40,000 and thereby price the house approximately $40,000 below market value. A savvy investor with knowledge of the market and extensive property rehab experience might come along and assess the repairs at closer to $20,000. After purchasing the house and performing the necessary repairs, the house can either be rented out at a double-digit ROI rate, or sold for a handsome profit.

What Kind of Return Can I Expect?

As with any investment, there is inherint risk involved. They key to success is to minimize your exposure to risk by working with a qualified team of professionals who know the market inside and out. We're the de facto experts on the Indianapolis Real Estate market. In the past five years, we've purchased over 2,000 houses in the Greater Indianapolis area for ourselves and other investors. Our team covers everything from property acquisition through rehab, leasing and management. We collect over $500,000 in rent every month to be distributed back to our investors. Our systems are proprietary and scalable. We currently have investment properties available starting at just $19,900.

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